We provide online store, point of sales system and inventory management system for your business.

Online Store

Sell online with a bigger audience and larger market. Meet with other people online who loves your products and experience a better business environment.

Sell Anything

Sell any retail item from clothes to household item. Or you can also sell service such as food, drinks, repair service and so on.

Point Of Sales

Our point of sales is a web browser based application. No installation needed! We only need you to cache the products in your browser so that you can use it.

Unlimited Product

For whatever plan you subscribe or what ever business you open, we do not limit the number of product that you can add. You can add as many as you could and as many as your browser can cache for your point of sales system.

Inventory Management

Adding stock or adjusting stock can be done with our system. You can always use the current inventory printout for stock checking and make sure that you are not out of stock and you are on track of every product.

Easy Reporting

Get your sales report right from your backend dashboard. You can always change the period of your report. What's more you can see your top product and also do business strategy from the report.

Shipping Option

Giving a free shipping? No Problem! You always have the option whether to give free shipping or charge your customer for shipment. Shipping charges will be automatically added to the cart when customer checking out.

Web Support

You got question? Open a ticket and we will answer it ASAP. We also provide training materials so that you can learn how to do it right.

Easy Setup

Setting up your account is easy. When your account had been setup we will take you to your backend shop management which is easy to use.


Online POS

We provide Point of Sales with online store by using WooCommerce technology. 28% of the online store uses WooCommerce, how about you?

Web Development

Need an online identity for your company? Let us know. We will help you.

Offline POS

If you want an offline POS, we can do it for you. We are a huge fan of Unicenta Point Of Sales a commercial grade open source point of sales system.