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Click here to get Quit Smoking Blueprint Online Course (ClickBank) | I Finally Quit, Inc


From The Desk Of David “the quitter” Ross
San Diego, CA

I’m a quitter! Definitely not in the negative sense that can be associated with that word.  I’m a quitter in the BEST way possible.

After struggling with trying to quit smoking for over half of my life‚ I finally got it right and can now proudly say “I Finally Quit!”  I picked up my first cigarette to smoke before I was a teenager and by the age of 15‚ I was hooked.  Buying my first quit smoking aid at the age of 16‚ I would lose the battle of quitting smoking for 20+ years until I finally won the war!

If you’d like to quit smoking (…or other “bad” habits), this will be the most important webpage you’ll ever read.

When it comes to quitting…

Many are worried about failing or letting themselves down or worse…disappointing loved ones…again?

Do you fear withdrawal? Cravings? Weight-gain? Or‚ failing…again? Or‚ wonder where to even begin?

Knowing exactly how to put that above list into action would help you tremendously‚ right?  It would definitely make quitting suck …just a bit less‚ for sure!

Don’t get me wrong.  Quitting smoking is not easy at all.  In fact‚ it’s one of the most difficult things I or anyone else will ever do in their life …

When I say I struggled with quitting … man, that battle was real! From feeling not good enough and like a complete failure; continually letting myself and others down to be willing to do just darn near anything to have someone come along and take my habit, cravings and urges away from me.

I’d nearly given up on trying to quit … feeling like there was just no point to it all.

What made these feelings even worse (in my opinion) was I knew better. Heck, we all know smoking is bad for us and it leads to vulnerability to a wide range of common illnesses to deadly cancer. I say “I knew better”. I studied Biology / Pre-Med and even worked at a hospital for years; seeing first-hand what smoking does to people and how it tears their families apart.

I finally reached a point where I just wouldn’t accept failure anymore. I would quit …no matter what.

So, I studied different quitting techniques and the actions and behaviors of those who had been successful in quitting.

After reviewing tons of articles, “how to” programs, smoking cessation aids (gums, patches, pills, hypnosis, etc.), I eventually developed a plan of action I felt would help me get rid of cigarettes and once and for all say “I Finally Quit!”

What if you could get crystal-clear clarity on implementing a true Quit Smoking Action Plan that took away the worry, doubt, and uncertainty of where to start…

…when it comes to putting a bad habit in your past? What if you were finally able to live the lifestyle you’ve always secretly wanted and didn’t fear letting yourself or others down?

Former Smoker
(20+ years)

Former Drinker
(25+ years)

To darn near guarantee your success‚ at I Finally Quit‚ we’ve designed a proven formula to assist you‚ and created an 8 Step Action Plan to help you quit smoking; along with detailed VIDEO breakdowns of each of the 8 steps‚ downloadable and printable checklists and worksheets‚ audio files‚ worksheet “walkthroughs” with current and past users of our system‚  interviews with quitting and addiction specialists‚ and weekly LIVE calls to answer questions about each step AND a support community‚ so you don’t have to do it all on your own…

Is there really a way to break free from smoking?   And if there is‚ is it simple and easy to do?  Is it “dummy proof”?  Can anyone do it?

Since you are here and we’re talking about it‚ then you’ve probably guessed right…there is a solution and YOU can do it! Everybody knows that having a plan & support works when quitting…if you do them RIGHT.

And in order to do them right‚ you need to follow a PROVEN formula.

We often get people coming to us‚ who have been trying to quit for years‚ but to no avail.

They try different types of programs, patches, hypnosis, pills, cold-turkey, but all their efforts amount to a very insignificant – if any – change in their overall action(s) or behavior(s) in their daily routines.

We sympathize with all these people who want to break-free, yet remain “stuck”.

We know all too well the disappointment and depression they feel…

For more than two decades‚ I searched for a way to quit myself (smoking for 20+ years and drinking HEAVILY for 25+ years). I searched high and low for something that would allow me to have a real and sustaining breakthrough.

Complete Four Week Quitting Course

We have shown thousands how to quit smoking or any other action(s) or behavior(s) that no longer serve a valuable purpose in their lives‚ so when we noticed positive results we knew we had come up with a solution.

So rather than sit back and keep it to ourselves‚ we got to work…

…and simplified the process to help as many people as we could!

When we were finished‚ we were left with a simple‚ easy-to-follow 4 week online training that incorporated all our best practices —

Here’s a sampling of what’s covered in this 4 week online training …

Actually‚ we wouldn’t attempt a quitting strategy without having a proven‚ step-by-step guide to follow‚ and this is especially true if you’re quitting for the first time or the 77th time.

Just about everybody has a hard time with quitting…at first.

But‚ if you keep at it and model what works‚ you’ll be golden.

In short‚ I want you to succeed and succeed…quickly. (And that’s putting it pretty mildly.)

Now is the time to act and stop putting it off or wondering what THE BEST way (or time) to quit is. So‚ you can sit back and do nothing‚ while “hoping for the best” …

You can register for the upcoming class (each new class begins on the first Monday of each month) and you’ll get several really cool bonuses (BEFORE the your class formally begins) to help you implement the Action Plan(…Fast!); allowing you to kickstart your quitting experience right away.

The choice really is yours…

…having quick and easy access to the Action Plan while on the go – the audio version of the Action Plan that will detail the 8 Steps and make quitting more manageable

…connecting with like-minded individuals who are quitting the same things (experiencing and overcoming the same difficulties) – you can join our private group

…having reminders posted to keep us on track – easily be reminded of your decision to quit

…and knowing where to begin – especially within the first 48 hours of quitting

Complete Four Week Quitting Course

Take the winning formula with you and listen while in the car‚ on a stroll‚ on break at work …anywhere a craving or temptation may arise.

Connect with Others Who Are Quitting Too. Regardless of quitting “technique” (pills‚ patches‚ cold-turkey‚ hypnosis‚ etc.)‚ joining like-minded group of individuals for support is key to your success.  I Finally Quit’s private “members only” group connects you with people in all stages of quitting.

Visual reminders WORK! This checklist is what the Action Plan was built from.  The checklist is designed to print and post by the front door‚ in the car‚ at the office‚ and anywhere else YOU would like to be reminded of your decision to quit smoking.

We created a quick “shopping” list of some cool homeopathic products you can put into action right away; eliminating nervousness‚ worry‚ stress‚ and more.  You’ll love how easy it is to use these products!

This 1 page worksheet will allow you to identify (then conquer) many of your smoking triggers. You will know WHO‚ WHAT‚ WHEN‚ WHERE‚ and WHY you are triggered to light up; allowing you to avoid or overcome situations!

Work directly with David “the quitter” Ross LIVE! Every week David will answer questions about the 8 Step Action Plan; giving unique insight on how YOU can put cigarettes in your past.  You’ll get “insider access” to tips‚ tricks‚ and hacks to help you overcome what may have kept you from success in the past.   THIS WILL HELP!

Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*

You are going to get access to:

… AND all of the bonuses INCLUDING:

Regardless of quitting “technique” (pills‚ patches‚ cold-turkey‚ hypnosis‚ etc.)‚ joining a like-minded group of individuals for support is KEY to your success.  I Finally Quit’s private “members only” group connects you with people in all stages of quitting.

This checklist is what the Action Plan was built from.  The checklist is designed to print and post by the front door‚ in the car‚ at the office‚ and anywhere else YOU would like to be reminded of your decision to quit smoking.

… click any green button‚ enter your payment information and you’ll be INSTANTLY registered for the upcoming course AND begin the intake process (IT’S SIMPLE)!

Here’s the “fine print” … not hidden or anything 😉 …

Quitting is hard and giving up is easy. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by promising or implying you (or your loved ones) are guaranteed to quit smoking or anything else by purchasing this course … or live a longer‚ happier life for that matter.

The average person who buys any “how to” training or attends any “how to” classes/seminars rarely gets any results.

Kind of like the average person who gets a home gym rarely gets in shape or gets those magical six-pack abs.

We could speculate as to why that’s true until the cows come home …and who knows if we’d ever crack the code.

The point is – no quitting guarantees or claims are made or implied. I have no clue what your results will be and frankly‚ anyone who tells you otherwise is engaged in shenanigans. Yes. SHENANIGANS.

However‚ if you put in the work‚ we’ll do everything in our power to get you the results you want.  So long as you do NOT give up.  PLUS‚  should you not get the results you are looking for‚ you can repeat the course at no cost.  As many times as necessary‚ so long as you are putting in the work 🙂

Complete Four Week Quitting Course

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

You will be granted access to the EXCLUSIVE Members Only website.  There you can access videos and audio files from any desktop or mobile device.  All downloadable documents are in PDF.

Only about 4% to 7% of people are able to quit smoking on any given attempt without medicines or other help.  So it doesn’t matter if you have tried once or 77 times…the steps and the results are the same. Eventually‚ you will get it right and we think this is that time!

Although the course formally begins on the first Monday of each month‚ you will begin receiving information‚ motivational communications and “how to” get the most out of your course right away.

Because we want the best for you and your ultimate success‚ you will be engaged with us before‚ during and after your enrolled course.

Yes, of course. We have a “love it or keep it” guarantee with the purchase of our product.

Although we cannot guarantee you will quit smoking (that parts on you), we can provide you with with help and encouragement.  In other words, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the technology‚ recording quality‚ or …anything‚ just let us know and we will give your money back AND you can keep it all anyway!

Naturally, we do not think this is likely. If you are even slightly concerned whether this is right for you – don’t be. Just relax.

You will either see the value or you will get your money back. It’s that simple!

We’d even be happy to allow you to repeat the course‚ at no charge … just in case “life” gets in the way and your schedule should change.

You will receive a unique User Name and Password to our MEMBERS ONLY site prior to your course beginning.  Each week of the course‚ you will be notified when that week’s lessons are unlocked.

The course can be accessed from any Mac, PC or mobile device. Course is delivered via video and PDF)

If you’re thinking “Why all the add-ons and bonuses…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

We also believe that once you experience this Quit Smoking Blueprint course‚ you’ll want to share your results and your experience with your loved ones‚ friends‚ family‚ and others in your world.  The better your experience‚ the more likely you are to give us referrals; helping us grow even more.  Quite simply‚ all of us at I Finally Quit, Inc. want the best for you and yours.

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans.  Just the information you need and the results you want.

Here’s to your success friend‚

P.S. Here’s a quick recap of what you get when you register for the upcoming Quit Smoking Blueprint Course…

I promised you the most important letter of your life AND a Proven Formula to Get You STARTED.  Come get access now!

What’s Next? After you take care of the payment by clicking on any of the green buttons on this page‚ you’ll get an immediate “welcome” email; detailing when and how you will get access to the next training (REMEMBER: We get started on the first Monday of each month).

Call or TEXT us at (530) IFNLYQT or (530) 436-5978

© Copyright 2014 – document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); I Finally Quit, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. | The IFQ® I Finally Quit logo is a registered trademark of I Finally Quit, Inc. with the USPTO through 2024

Click here to get Quit Smoking Blueprint Online Course (ClickBank) | I Finally Quit, Inc .


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