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The g-spot gets all the credit for giving women amazing orgasms, but there is another spot – called the A-Spot – that can be just as effective at giving a woman an earth-shattering climax. The A-Spot is located deeper within the canal than the g-spot (right in front of the cervix) and it can be simulated using the same come hither motion with your fingers that you would use if you were stimulating the g-spot. Just remember that since you’re going very deep inside a woman, you need plenty of good lubrication like Astrologist, and you need her to be aroused first so it’s not painful or uncomfortable.

A healthy vagina has an odor, but it is usually not very pungent. A yeast or bacterial infection can make it smell more pungent, but a funky smelling peach doesn’t always mean an infection. Many of the things a woman eats will affect the way her genitals taste and smell. For example, eating lots of pineapple and sweet fruits will make it taste and smell sweeter (which can be great for oral sex), but vegetables such as cabbage or asparagus can give it a more off-putting scent.

Vaginal prolapse is when the uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes or vagina (or a combination of all of these) moves downward from its natural place in the body. This condition is common following surgeries such as hysterectomies, but can also happen without any prior event. In severe cases, this medical condition will cause the inner tissues to protrude through the vaginal opening.


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